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6 Things You Should Expect From Your Custom Shipping And Packaging Company

Now that ecommerce has developed a serious presence on the global business stage, companies are asking more from their custom packaging partners. If you are just beginning your journey with ecommerce, keep in mind that the packaging that your products arrive at the homes and offices of your customers in represents the first face of your business. Choosing the wrong custom shipping company can negatively impact how others see your business and could even cause you to lose customers. Following are six things that you should expect from your custom shipping provider. 

Green Packaging Materials

The whole world is going green these days, and your custom packaging company should be well-represented on that particular bandwagon. Ask them if they offer packaging options that are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council -- but don't necessarily let it be a dealbreaker if they don't. What you're looking for in a shipping company is a general trend toward green packaging and shipping options, including using fibrous materials as an alternative to traditional styrofoam, contracting with green transportation options. The EPA's Smartway Program monitors transportation companies to identify those with the lightest carbon footprints. Criteria include average idle time of semi-trucks used by the company to transport goods and proper inflation of tires to optimize fuel efficiency. 

Streamlined Packaging Options

Big, bulky boxes packed with more packing material than product not only cost you more money than their more streamlined counterparts, they often present an inconvenience to your customers. With the exception of fragile items, streamlined packaging is usually a better option. Your customers will appreciate not having to dispose of overly large boxes and abundant amounts of packing material, and you'll appreciate the lower costs of both the packaging and shipping. 

A Range of Available Products

Your shipping company should provide a range of available products even if your current offerings only require one type of packaging -- always choose a custom packaging company with an eye for the future needs of your business. As you grow and expand, you'll want a shipping partner that is equipped to handle your needs.Few things slow down a new product launch faster than thinking you've got the shipping covered but finding out that isn't the case -- scrambling for shipping options is the last thing you need at this time. 

Modern Printing Technology

Two-color printing techniques allow your packages to have a distinctive, polished look that not only impresses customers, it helps increase the brand recognition of your business. A clear representation of your logo on all packaging material adds an extra layer of professionalism to your business. Customizing designs to match the seasons or special events is also a nice touch. 

Returnable Shipping Boxes

In the event that a customer has to return something to your business, providing returnable shipping boxes makes the procedure so much easier -- and this is the type of above-the-call-of-duty customer service that most people appreciate and remember. 

A Guarantee of Their Products and Services

This may seem like a no-brainer, but a surprising amount of modern businesses seem to have lost sight of the old-school tradition of companies standing behind their goods and services. When looking for a good custom packing company to partner with, ask them about their policies regarding reimbursement in the event that they make a mistake that results in damage to your products during the shipping process. If they don't have an established policy of standing behind what they are selling, you're wise to keep looking until you find a company that does. 

Please feel free to reach out to your local custom packaging and shipping provider for more information on how to choose the one that best fits your individual needs and preferences.