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2 Tips To Help You Fill Out A Provisional Patent Application For Your New Product Idea

After coming up with an idea for a product, you may have already tested your design theory and made a prototype and are convinced it would sell. However, you may be afraid that someone may come up with the same idea while you are perfecting the design and get it out on the market before you have a chance to.

Since full patents can take years, you do have the option of filing for a provisional patent that will protect your product idea. When you fill out the application, use the tips discussed below to help increase your chances of having your provisional patent approved.

1. Give as Many Details as Possible about the Manufacturing, Usage, and Benefits of Your Product 

When filling out your application, one thing that you should do is give as many details as possible about your product idea. To help with the flow, start with how you created the prototype and discuss your plans for how you plan to manufacture it.

Next, go into detail about how the product will be used, including step-by-step instructions as if you were showing a consumer how to use it. Then, write about the benefits in a way that would make the product attractive to both investors and consumers.

2. Include as Many Pictures as Possible of the Product Being Made and Used

While you are crafting the written details of your product idea on your application, think about the visuals that you think would help with portraying your vision. As you go through the application, start taking pictures that help best represent this vision.

As part of your photo collection, make sure to include as many pictures as possible of the product being made by you. Start with the base materials, and continue taking pictures of how each piece is put together. 

Once you have these pictures taken, take both standalone photos of the product as well as while you are using it. The pictures try to show off the benefits you discussed in the written portion of the application.

When you have a great idea for a product that you want to protect until you can get a full patent on it, you can apply for a provisional patent. When filling out the application, make sure you supply as many details and pictures as possible to increase your chances of having it accepted. Contact a business that handles provisional patent applications—such as Menlo Park Patents—to speak to someone for more information as well as further assistance with filling yours out.