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Options In Commercial Recycling Containers And How To Use Them In Your Building

If your company has a cafeteria or snack area with vending machines, you probably generate a lot of trash, and some of it could be recycled. Make it easy for your employees to recycle soda cans and plastic containers by putting recycling containers in the dining area. Commercial recycling containers come in a variety of styles, and some can be used for paper while others are for cans. Here are options for commercial recycling containers and how to use them.

Select The Containers You Like

Recycling containers come in different colors and they have different styles for the lids. The most important thing is to make sure the containers are recognized easily as recycling containers. This can be done if the container has a recycling logo on it.

You may want open boxes your cleaning staff can line with plastic bags so it's easy for employees to toss cans inside, or you may want a container with a lid that has holes in it large enough to drop cans through. This type of lid reinforces that the container is for cans. You can also buy lids with slots in them for paper if you want to place recycling containers throughout your office space too.

Some containers are like large trash cans on wheels while others are much smaller. You may need to study how much waste your cafeteria produces to know the best type of container to get so it doesn't take up too much room, and so it doesn't need to be emptied very often.

If you want more than one type of recycling container in the same area, be sure to label what each one is for so trash doesn't get mixed in with recyclables and so recyclables can stay separated as the company instructs.

Have An Outdoor Recycling Container Too

Your cleaning staff needs to monitor the recycling containers just like they do regular trash cans. When a container is full, they should empty it in a recycling bin outside. Your recycling company can help you choose the containers and bins you need and set up a schedule for picking up your recyclables.

If you produce a lot of mixed recyclables, the company may want you to separate cardboard and metal cans rather than mix them in the same dumpster bin. Instituting a recycling program in your building for guests and employees to follow isn't difficult, and it won't be long before your cleaning crew gets used to dealing with emptying the containers. You can line the containers with plastic bags, so the contents are easy to manage and move to a bigger can or the outdoor bin as often as needed. 

For more information about commercial recycling containers, contact a local company.