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What Everyone Needs To Know About 3M Certified Glass Film Installations

There are many glass film manufacturers. However, 3M remains a notable name in the industry. Glass film offers a variety of benefits. It has security features, and energy efficiency features, and it can protect the interior of properties from damage from UV rays.

The 3M company requires that its glass film installations be completed by certified professionals. There are different levels of certification. It is important to determine whether an installer can handle the project that is being planned. A 3M-certified glass film installation may occur in residential or commercial properties. The dealers/installers will likely ask questions to determine the scope of the project to determine if they are trained to handle the project. The following points identify a few benefits of 3M glass film.

UV Protection

The sun's UV rays can be harmful to humans. Exposure to them may cause skin cancer. They can also cause furniture and flooring to fade prematurely. A 3M glass film installation offers protection against the sun's rays. This offers protection against cancer, and it can also protect individuals who are in remission from skin cancer. Furniture and other belongings will likely last longer and keep their new appearance when this glass film is installed. The film allows natural light to pass through without the harmful effects of UV rays.


The 3M glass film offers a unique privacy solution. There are film options that allow a clear view of the outside from indoors. However, anyone outside cannot see inside. This allows for an enjoyable private experience indoors while being able to enjoy viewing the outdoors. This is referred to as one-way viewing.

Safety and Security

A 3M Certified Glass Film Installation offers impressive safety and security. Traditional glass is prone to breaking during weather events that involve flying debris. Glass shards may become airborne and injure humans or pets. Glass film reinforces the strength of window glass and can prevent the glass from shattering. The film also offers protection against break-ins because the film strengthens the glass, which makes it more difficult for thieves to break it.

A dealer is a good resource to use to learn more about 3M-certified glass film installations. They can explain the differences in the certification levels, which are Premiere, Premiere Elite, 3M Certified, and 3M Large Commercial Certified. The latter can perform work on projects of any size and is the most advanced 3M certification available. Dealers with this prestigious certification typically work with commercial property owners, whereas the other three certifications work with residential and small to medium-sized property owners.