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Country Club Selection Strategies

Becoming a member of a country club is an investment that can provide you with endless opportunities to improve your golf game. Additionally, you will have the chance to meet other golfers and potentially participate in tournaments. Before joining a club, research the rules and regulations imposed and learn about the perks associated with being a member of a particular club.

Private Versus Semi-Private

A country club may be listed as private or semi-private. A private club will provide services and amenities that only members and their guests can enjoy. A semi-private country club will offer perks for members and may also open up to the general public on occasion. There may be peak hours where members will receive full privileges. At night or on scheduled occasions, the public may be eligible to golf and make use of the other facilities onsite.

A member of a club will be expected to pay annual dues. A club that caters to both members and the public will likely incorporate two different pricing requirements. Members will need to pay their annual dues and a non-member may need to pay prices that are associated with the actual activity that they are going to participate in. Most country clubs feature golfing, dining, and other activities that individuals and groups can enjoy.

The Features

After deciding if a private or semi-private country club will be more accommodating to your needs, you should research the features that are offered through a club. If you are serious about playing golf, you will likely want to join a club that won't instill long wait times. A club that only has one or two golf courses onsite could limit the amount of game time that you are supplied with. If you are an avid golfer, you may want to become a member of a club that offers multiple courses.

An accommodating country club may allow its members to reserve golf carts and clubs. This type of perk will eliminate the need to invest a lot of money upfront for the essentials needed to participate in a golfing activity. If you are not concerned about the size of a country club and plan on participating in scheduled golfing activities, a smaller country club may appeal to you. Before becoming a full-fledged member of a club, request to take a tour of the facility. This will help you determine if a club will be suitable for you. 

Contact a local private country club for more information.