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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Services For Processing & Reconstructing Crime Scenes

Ongoing professional development and training are crucial for forensic teams, particularly as new team members get assigned to units. For larger police departments and law enforcement agencies, forensics teams are staffed with people in different assignments with varying types of qualifications and experience. For smaller departments, much of the forensics analysis is done by a third party who is contracted to assist when needed.

If you are in charge of professional development for your department or agency, whether large or small, consider contracting with or hiring a third-party forensics analyst to assist in the following:

Processing an Assault Crime Scene 

The processing of a crime scene of an assault that resulted in the death or maiming of a victim should begin as soon as possible following the crime in order for any evidence to be found, documented, and gathered without risking the quality of the evidence. The importance of the methods that are used to process a crime scene can mean the difference between a guilty or not guilty plea. Ongoing training to process crime scenes should be included as a mandatory component of your agency's employment requirements. The only way the forensic evidence can be analyzed correctly is by processing the crime scene to record things such as bloodstain patterns. 

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Bloodstain pattern analysis is an important part of determining what happened during the crime that caused a victim to be injured or killed by their assailant. It's crucial to have a professional service analyze the bloodstain pattern, even if you do have a bloodstain pattern analysis professional on your team. The contracted or hired bloodstain pattern analyst can either corroborate or contradict the findings of the analyst on your team. If so, a third analyst may be necessary. This is important to determine before the case goes to court. 

Crime Scene Reconstruction

The bloodstain pattern analysis can be used to reconstruct the crime scene via a computer program. Crime scene reconstruction can be helpful in many ways, particularly as a way for everyone working on the case in a court setting to visualize what likely happened. This visualization of what likely occurred could also be helpful to the medical team who is providing care for the injured victim, as well as for their mental health therapist, if necessary. 

Contact a bloodstain pattern analysis service to provide your agency with third-party services as well as for ongoing training of your forensics teams.