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3 Things To Keep In Mind About Your First Crane Rental

Are you planning your first construction project that will require the use of a crane? If so, you may have some concerns about ensuring that the project goes smoothly and most importantly is accident-free. Safety is paramount at all construction sites. However, the presence of cranes makes it even more important to ensure that the site is safe and that the crane is operational and properly operated. You will likely be dependent upon a crane rental service. The following points will aid in reducing the chances of mishaps with your project.

Crane Selection

This is the most important pre-project part of the plan. You must select the correct type of crane based on the type of project and the project conditions. Selecting the wrong type of crane can interfere with productivity. It could also make the construction site less safe. Many contractors are experienced in many aspects of construction. However, they might not fully understand the variants that exist between the many different types of cranes. This is why it is ideal to discuss project details with a crane rental company representative. The last thing you would want to happen is to have a crane delivered and discover that you chose the wrong crane. A consultation can help prevent this mishap.

Choose a Crane Operator

You likely have several skilled contractors and workers who work alongside you on your projects. Even if some of these individuals have operated a crane in the past, it is not a good idea to allow them to use the crane on your project if they are not certified. This is the best way to ensure a safe construction site. Your goal should be to minimize the chances of accidents of any type occurring. The best way to prevent crane accidents is to only allow certified individuals to operate the crane rental.


The crane rental company will perform the initial inspection prior to the start of your project. The crane will require a daily inspection for the duration of the project. This is why it is ideal to use certified crane operators. They are familiar with the series of safety checks that need to be performed prior to operating the crane each day.

A crane rental service is a good resource to use to ensure that your project has the correct type of crane. They may also have a list of certified crane operators or have in-house staff who can operate the crane. These professionals will know the correct techniques to use to operate the crane and be familiar with details such as the load capacity of the crane used. 

To learn more, contact a hydraulic crane rental service.