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Use A Community Engagement Platform To Educate Your Target Audience

If you invest in real estate and rent and sell properties on the side, you may be accustomed to dealing with many people. People who do business with you may not appreciate being pushed aside once a transaction is completed. Use a community engagement platform to stay in touch with your former and current clients and to provide valuable resources that will allow community members to gain insight on how to invest.

Videos And Detailed Information

Social media sites that you may already be using can be considered community engagement platforms. There are also many platforms that are targeted toward a specific audience and that will allow a user to set up a page that can contain custom details.

Review various platforms, including ones that are open to the general public and that will allow an entrepreneur or a business owner to set up a unique page. Compare the platforms and select one that you find to be easy to navigate and that will support your ability to conduct livestreams or record and upload videos for your viewers to watch. A mix of videos and typed information that pertains to investing will give people an idea of how you make a living and may inspire some of your viewers to expand their personal goals.

Questions And Answers

Anyone who is new to investing or clients who have purchased or rented property from you will likely have questions that haven't been covered in the material that you post on the platform. Hold a weekly question session, which will allow your viewers to submit their questions.

Reserve a time slot for this session and make an effort to be on your laptop or personal computer during this time. People will remain engaged if they are certain that you are paying attention to what they have to say. Be honest with each answer that you provide and update the information on your page regularly. If there are any issues that arise with a past sale, request that the individual or individuals who have been affected send you a private message that relates to the concern.

Fresh Content

You may continuously acquire new visitors to your page and incur visits from your current community members. Fresh content and pictures will increase the chance that people will remain interested in what you have to share with them. Take pictures of your investments, including new ones that you acquire. Post new content a few times each week.

Reach out to a community engagement platform service to learn more.