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Top Reasons to Have a Submersible Water Well Pump Installed

Whether you are having a new well drilled or already have an established water well on your property, having a high-quality water well pump is essential. A water well pump is responsible for pulling water out of your well so it can flow through the pipes and be available when you turn on a faucet. When you're having a well drilled or replacing a worn-out well pump, you will need to decide whether you want to install a submersible pump or an above-ground model. Most people would agree that a submersible water well pump has several advantages. Some of the top reasons to have a submersible water well pump installed include:

1. They Do Not Require Priming

For a well pump to operate properly and produce enough pressure to pull water from the well, air needs to be removed from the system and the pump and line must be filled with water. If an above-ground water well pump loses its prime but continues running, a lot of damage that can be expensive to repair can occur. Priming an above-ground water well pump can also be a bit confusing if you do not know what you are doing. One of the reasons that submersible water well pumps are preferred is because they never have to be primed since the whole pump is always covered by water. 

2. They Produce Less Noise

When a water well pump is running, it can make quite a bit of noise. Thus, above-ground water well pumps can be quite noisy. This means that having an above-ground water well pump can be quite annoying, especially if your well is located in close vicinity to your home. A big perk of a submersible water well pump is the fact that it is much less noisy when in operation since it is located underwater.

3. They Cost Less Money to Run

If you want a water well pump that is economical and energy-efficient, a submersible well pump is the way to go. The average above-ground well pump has to use quite a bit of energy to successfully pull water from the well and force it into the pipes. A submersible water well pump requires a lot less energy since it already under the water and the water pressure pushes water into the pump. In the majority of cases, electric bills are lower when you have a submersible water well pump.

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