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3 Reasons To Have Your Parking Garage Pressure Washed

If you operate a parking garage, then you have a range of maintenance jobs to do such as keeping your floors clear and clean. As well as routine cleaning, you should also do periodic deep cleans. For example, it's worth scheduling a regular pressure wash on top of the work you do yourself.

What are the advantages of pressure washing in a garage environment?

1. Deal With Deeper and Dangerous Stains

While you can take care of the surface dirt and regular stains that end up on your floors, there are some stains and spills that you might find harder to shift. For example, oil and grease spills can embed in garage floors quickly; gum sets like a rock if left to harden. These deposits can be hard to clean away with standard cleaning products.

In some cases, these spots also turn into hazards that could injure people walking to and from their vehicles. For example, oil and grease makes a floor slippery. If someone isn't careful when they walk on these spots, then they could fall. You could end up with a lawsuit on your hands.

If you bring in a commercial pressure washing service, then they don't just give your floors a deeper clean. They can also treat and remove stains and deposits that are harder to shift. This makes your floors cleaner and safer.

2. Make Your Parking Garage Look More Professional

If people pay to park with you, then they have certain service expectations. The primary motivator for most is secure and safe parking. However, the appearance of your garage also matters.

If your garage floors are grimy, stained, and covered in pieces of old gum, then people will notice that the garage is less than clean. Your floors might actually start to smell funky. This makes being in your garage pretty unpleasant.

If you have regular deep pressure cleans, then your service looks more professional. Your garage will look and smell better.

3. Protect Your Surfaces

The long-term dirt and other deposits that build up on your garage's floors don't just have safety and cosmetic impacts. They can also damage the floors themselves.

For example, if you have concrete floors, then salts, oils, and other deposits can affect the concrete. Some substances can affect the rebar in the floor; others can make the concrete crack.

Regular pressure washes keep these substances off your floors. This prevents unnecessary damage and reduces your repair costs by keeping surfaces in good shape for longer.

To find out more, contact commercial pressure washing specialists and ask them to take a look at your garage's floors.