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Need Offshore Talent? How Working With A Recruitment Agency Can Help

Running a business in a global marketplace demands change. It's nearly impossible to operate your company the way that people did years ago because things have transformed so much. You now have access to an incredible workforce and the pool is full of super-talented individuals who have so much to offer your organization. When you're ready to branch out and find offshore talent teaming up with a recruitment agency is the best course of action.

A Skilled Recruiter Knows How To Vet The Talent

If you've been in business for a while, you know how hard it can be to verify credentials. Trying to keep your company afloat while you struggle to check references, run criminal history reports and get educational transcripts takes up time that could be used to handle orders, build up webpages and advertise so you reach more customers.

Now, think of how tough all of these processes are on the domestic scene. Once you've thought about this, consider just how much more difficult it could potentially be for you to get the information you need on an international applicant. If you don't know the proper channels it might seem like a wild-goose chase as you struggle to verify the information on an applicant's resume. Not to mention all the money you stand to spend on international calls!

Recruitment agencies simplify the process and take the complexity out of the situation. Many of these recruiters have pre-established pipelines that they can use to verify background information at the snap of a finger. What would've potentially taken you weeks to get done can be accomplished in no time when you let the recruitment agency vet your talent.

Screenings & Assessments Make The Search A Breeze

Although you are looking for offshore talent you still have certain requirements. For example, if your team will hold a weekly teleconference you might need someone who is able to speak and understand your language. Also, typing and computer skills are essential for many jobs. You need to be able to screen the applicant to make sure they are up for the task before you spend unnecessary time conducting interviews and virtual or on-site tours.

An experienced recruiter will come equipped with an arsenal of screenings and assessments for you to choose from. Just let them know what specific skills you need for the job and the recruiter can send out each test as a preliminary assessment.

Recruitment agencies are there to work for you. Use their expertise to get the offshore talent you need before you know it.