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Tasks That Might Be Part Of Your Job As A Laborer For An Inflatable Party Rentals Company

As a general laborer, one of the jobs that you might find available to you is working for an inflatable party rentals company. These are companies that have inflatable bounce houses, slides, and other attractions that clients rent for events such as children's birthday parties. Companies of this nature operate in a variety of locations, and they often have needs for general laborers. This can especially be true during the summer months, when more people are hosting gatherings and renting inflatable games. If you get a job for one of these companies, here are some tasks that might be part of your daily routine.

Delivery, Setup, And Take-Down

There's a considerable chance that you'll spend time delivering and setting up the inflatable games for the company's clients. This process will include loading the game in question into a van or truck, taking it to the location, discussing an appropriate setup spot with the client, and then setting it up with the help of a generator and a power air pump. This is a task that may seem daunting, but it's a simple one that you'll quickly get familiar with. If you're someone who likes kids, it can also be rewarding to know that you're playing a role in something that kids will soon be enjoying. After the event, you'll return to deflate the game, load it back into your vehicle, and transport it back to the company's building.


Another task that you may find on your daily to-do list is repairing different issues with the inflatable games between rentals. For example, if a bounce house has a section of netting over a window, and this netting has come loose over time, you may be tasked with gluing it back in place — or, in some cases, replacing the section of netting entirely. This type of job is important not only because of safety, but also to keep your rental clients satisfied.


Cleaning the inflatable games between rental will also be an important job that you could find yourself doing. Children often use the inflatable games in bare feet, and if they've been running around in the yard, there could be dirt or grass stains present in some of the games. You don't want to set up an inflatable game for a new client and have him or her express concern about the cleanliness of the game, so a thorough cleaning with a pressure washer will have the game in optimal condition for the next rental.

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