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Should You Install A Water Softener In Your Apartment Building?

If you own an apartment building in an area with hard water, you may be wondering whether installing a water softener is worthwhile. A softener can be a big expense, especially when purchasing one large enough to treat all of the water for several apartments. However, in most cases, the softener is a good investment for an apartment building — here's why.

Your pipes will last longer

Repiping a single-family home is hard enough. Having to re-pipe an apartment building is a huge undertaking. The water to the entire building will generally need to be turned off while the new pipes are run, which can takes days. Finding your tenants an alternative place to stay while this work is being done will be difficult. With a water softener, your pipes will last a lot longer since the softener will remove minerals before they have a chance to deposit in the pipes. This means you won't have to worry about repiping the apartment building anytime soon.

The faucets won't accumulate deposits

Even if you have excellent tenants, you can't count on them to use scale remover and keep the faucets free from mineral deposits. Removing all of that scale between tenants can be a big undertaking; you may even need to replace the faucets and other hardware. A water softener will keep deposits from forming in the first place. (You should get fewer calls complaining of low water pressure in the shower due to clogged shower heads, too.)

Your tenants will use less water

When the water is hard, it can take forever to feel clean or to get your clothing clean. Soap does not lather well, so tenants may use more soap, and therefore more water, as they shower and do laundry. With a water softener, your tenants will have an easier time getting clean, so they will use less water. Your water bills will be lower, so you'll make more of a profit.

Tenants will appreciate the water softener

Often, it's the little things, like water softeners, that set the good landlords apart from less desirable ones. Installing a water softener will help solidify your reputation as a landlord who cares about tenants' needs, which will help you attract more tenants in the future.

Installing a water softener in your apartment building is an investment worth making. Talk to a water treatment company in your area for an estimate.