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How To Draw Laundromat Customers In From Far Away

Many of your laundromat employees are local residents who visit your laundromat because they find the location convenient. But if you want to increase your profits by encouraging customers to drive out of their way to visit your laundromat, you will want to avoid making the following mistakes.

Don't Let Your Laundromat Be an Eyesore

Make sure that your laundromat is always in great condition. For instance, you do not want the sign to look worn out. If your laundromat looks run-down, some customers might assume that you are not even open for business. Even if they know you're open, they will likely find the building to be unsanitary. Make sure to keep the inside clean and make sure that all your equipment is in good working order.

Stand Out

Try to look different from other laundromats. Many laundromats are loud and smelly locations that feel crowded. If you can turn your laundromat into a fun place where guests can hangout, you will attract more customers. Consider offering Wi-Fi and installing televisions so that customers have something to do while waiting for their loads to finish.

Provide Laundry Products

Think about everything that customers would want to perform laundry and always have these items stocked. For instance, have both liquid and dry detergent. Provide fabric softener. While you could generate a profit, you'd be more likely to attract repeat customers if you gave away laundry products for free.

Offer Quarters in Exchange for Dollars or Credit

If your laundromat is only coin-operated, you should offer quarters in exchange for dollars. Even better is to have a machine that allows guests to use a debit or credit card to dispense quarters. While this might seem minor, some customers performing laundry last minute may not have enough quarters.

Have the Best Equipment Around

Make sure to refurbish your equipment if the machines are 30 years old. Even if the equipment is still working great, customers will look at the equipment and assume that they are not in good condition. Old equipment will look worn and customers will often know how differently new washing machines are designed in contrast to older models.

Great laundromat equipment will make your facility much more convenient for customers. Some equipment is able to finish loads faster and are also less likely to overflow if a customer overfills the equipment with clothing. If you need to upgrade your laundromat equipment, get in touch with a business like Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc.