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Deciding Between Contract Or Regular Employees For Your Painting Franchise

If you are opening a painting franchise, you will be able to work on construction projects with companies, painting for office buildings, and residential painting for homeowners. With so many types of projects, you may need to hire a number of people to help cover each project in order to reach the goals and deadlines for your business. Bringing in help means that you will need to make a decision on having employees for your painting franchise or if you will have contract workers. Here are some things to toss around when making that decision. 

Determine what the market looks like for contractors

If you live in a large city, the gig economy will be a large part of how many people make their money. This means that it will be simple to find contractors who will work on painting projects when you secure a contract for a job. If you live in a smaller city, you may find that you do not have as many available contract workers and could need to take on some employees for your business. Perform some market research on the contracting economy in your area before you decide on employees versus contractors. 

Consider the money angle

Payment for contractors is often on a per contract basis. You can pay in installments, upfront at the beginning of the job, or pay a deposit then pay the remainder once the job is done. With employees, most will expect a bi-weekly or more often check with proper taxes deducted. Depending on how you are paid for jobs and the financial condition of your business, you need to decide on a method of payment and outflow of money that works for you at the current time. 

Figure out how many contracts you grab at once 

If you have a lot of contracts at once time, it can be of great benefit to have contractors that you oversee while working the jobs. If you tend to get one job at a time on a steady basis, employees will be much easier to manage and will enjoy having a steady paycheck. When finalizing the choice to use contractors or employees for your business, you will need to have an idea of how often you will be working jobs and picking up new contracts. This will let you know how many workers are necessary at a time and how your business will function best. Contact a service, like Color World House Painting Inc, for more help.