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Properly Storing Spring Water To Retain Freshness

If you own your own business, and you wish to keep your employees hydrated during their workday, you may have considered enlisting help from a bottled water service to make deliveries of fresh water. Some business owners like having extra water on hand in case of extremely hot weather or emergency situations as well. The storage of water is important so it remains in drinkable condition. Here are some tips you can use to ensure the water supply you receive remains as fresh as it did the day it was delivered. 

Find The Proper Area To Store Extra Bottles

Water should be kept in an area out of direct sunlight as this can cause alterations to the plastic bottles it is stored inside. A closet or storeroom in your business will work best for storage purposes as there will be no windows present to put the bottles at risk of damage. It is also best to select a spot where illumination is not abundant. Make sure temperature levels in the area you select do not skyrocket as well, since water will remain fresher in cool conditions.

Put Labels On Bottles To Determine Freshness

When you get a water delivery, you will most likely notice an expiration date on each of the bottles you receive. If these are not printed in prominent color on the bottles, consider printing some labels of your own to put on the containers. This way you will know which bottles are the freshest at any given time without having to squint to see the information. When you store the bottles, place those with later expiration dates behind those with sooner ones. This way when someone grabs a bottle to refill a water machine, they will be using the "first in, first out" rule so water is not at risk of expiring before it is consumed.

Use The Right Containers For Storage

Keep your delivered water in the containers they are in when they arrive at your facility. If you transfer water to another container, you put it at risk for the addition of contaminates. Make sure each bottle has a tight seal to retain the freshness of the contents. It is a good idea to inspect bottles before allowing the delivery service to leave your business. This way if you find one that has an inadequate seal, you can ask for a replacement bottle on the spot.