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Tips To Reduce Your Stress During A Move

Preparing to move your family to a new home is a task that you may find that you need to do numerous times over the course of your life. While moving is a fairly routine task, it is still extremely labor intensive and complicated. If you are to make sure that your moving experience is free of some major problems

Properly Store Your Packed Boxes Until Moving Day

Many moving-related problems can be avoided by giving yourself plenty of time to pack and prepared. Unfortunately, individuals will often incorrectly store their packed items, and this can greatly increase the risk of your packed items being damaged. A common source of damage can come from individuals storing these boxes in the garage or poorly insulated attic. These areas can be prone to moisture spikes, which can lead to watermarks, mold, mildew and rot to develop.  

Consider Sedating Your Pet For Long Moves

During a short move, your pet's needs will be fairly minor. However, when the drive in the moving truck will take more than a couple of hours, your pet may start to experience extreme stress, and it may worsen as the drive continues. Luckily, you can help to prevent this problem from occurring by having your pet lightly sedated. This will help your pet to simply sleep while the drive is occurring as this can be one of the most stressful parts of the move. If you opt to get sedatives from your pet's veterinarian, make sure that the animal has plenty of water available as some of these medications can lead to dehydration.

Keep Your Kids Distracted

The move can also be hard on your small children. During these moves, your child may be scared of the new house, the ride in the moving truck, and you may be unable to give your child much attention during this time. Many children may start to misbehave as a way of dealing with the stress of the move. Keeping you child distracted during the ride and while you unpack can greatly reduce the stress and difficulty of moving with your children. Unfortunately, there are some children that may be prone to becoming motion sick. Playing handheld video games and reading can cause your child to experience motion sickness, but you may be able to combat this problem by giving your child motion sickness medication at least an hour before leaving so that it will have enough time to start working.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for long distance movers to help with your move.