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Hosting An Ice Cream Social: Choosing Which Supplies You Need

Ice cream socials can be great for fundraising at your school, and they also offer a fun way to reward your students for a job well done. To throw a successful event, however, you'll need more than just ice cream. Work with a local ice cream shop to get the delicious ice cream you'll be serving, and determine which supplies you need for your event. Use this guide to ensure you have all of the frozen dessert supplies you need for your ice cream social.

Plastic Bowls

If you want to offer DIY toppings for everyone's ice cream sundaes, you'll want to have plenty of clear plastic bowls on hand. The clear design makes it easy for parents and students to quickly identify what is in each container. Look for large bowls that can accommodate plenty of sprinkles, cherries, gummy bears, and other toppings, and arrange them all on a table for easy access. Be sure to put serving spoons in each bowl for dishing out plenty of sweet treat toppings.

Tasting Spoons

Your school cafeteria may already have plenty of plastic spoons available for your ice cream social, but you may also want to consider purchasing some tasting spoons as well. These tiny spoons are perfect for letting people sample the different types of ice cream you will be serving so they can decide which they want to buy. Keep a small wastebasket near the ice cream serving area so people can dispose of the tasting spoons after each use.

Sundae Cups

To create the classic look of ice cream sundaes, you'll want to purchase plenty of plastic sundae cups. These vessels can be a better option than ice cream cones, as the sweet frozen treats can stay securely inside the cup instead of possibly falling off of a cone. Purchase the cups in small, medium, and large sizes to give everyone at the ice cream social more choices for what they want to order.

Squeeze-Handle Scoops

Regular ice cream scoops can be difficult to use quickly for dispensing ice cream into sundae cups. Instead, opt for squeeze-handle scoops to use when dishing out the frozen treats. Keep one scoop in each container of ice cream to prevent mixing the flavors, and have a few as backup just in case they are needed. Remember that these frozen dessert supplies are reusable, so you can keep them after the event for your next ice cream social.

Don't forget to invest in decorations to help complete the party atmosphere of your ice cream social, and think about other essentials you might need, such as napkins and extra trash bags. With the right preparation, you can throw an ice cream social your students and their parents can love.