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Home Maintenance Problems That Really Stink: Top 5 Actions You Can Take To Avoid Septic System Failures That Cause Foul Odors

Oh, that smell in the morning when your plumbing is blocked and the septic tank is slowly covering your green lawn with raw sewage. The smells of septic system problems are unpleasant and can be avoided with proper maintenance and repairs. If you want to avoid the odors septic system failure causes, here is some advice that will ensure your system is always working properly:

1. Know What Needs to Stay Out of The Septic Tank

There are many things that do not break down in septic systems. Common hygiene products in the bathroom should never be flushed down the toilet; in addition to not breaking down in the tank, they can also cause plumbing problems. There are also certain things in your kitchen that you do not want to flush down the drain, such as grease and fats, or coffee grinds. Consider solutions like using grease as a heating fuel in winter or recycling it. Coffee grounds and other organic waste are great for a compost bin in the garden.

2. Chemical Treatments and Tank Additives Harm the System and The Environment

In addition to the common household items that make it into your septic system, there are also chemicals that cause problems. It is important to keep excessive cleaning chemicals out of the tank. Instead of chemical cleaners, try using more organic cleaners in your home. When the solids build up in the tank, fine chemical treatments can be used to get bacteria levels back to a healthy level.

3. Routine Pumping and Inspections to Keep Septic Systems Working Properly

Septic systems work by bacteria breaking down the solid waste and the liquid waste (effluent) being drained through soils. Eventually, the sludge in the bottom of the tank builds up and needs to be pumped. Most septic systems need to have the tank pumped every few years, but this can vary depending on usage. Also, inspect the system and keep records of these maintenance routines.

4. Be Aware of Signs That There Is a Septic System Problem That Needs Attention

Sometimes, septic tank problems happen and being aware of the problem will help ensure they do not cause serious issues. If you notice problems like slow drainage of plumbing in your home or odors coming from the tank, it is a good idea to have a professional check your system and do a routine inspection.

5. Be Conscious of Water Usage and Reduce Unnecessary Strain on Septic Systems  

Overzealous use of water, like washing a months' worth of clothes in one day or running a dishwasher twice with the same plates can also impact your septic system. Try to be conscious of your water consumption; especially with water that goes down the drain and to the septic tank. High water consumption causes the septic tank to become overburdened to a point where solids can get into inlets and outlets.

With good care and common sense, your septic system will only need regular pumping and an occasional small repair. Contact a fine chemicals service like N&M Specialty Chemicals to get a septic tank treatment when the bacteria levels in your tank become too low.