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3 Reasons A Storage Unit Is The Perfect Place To Hold A Rummage Sale For Business Fundraising

When you need to raise money for a certain purpose, having a second hand sale is an excellent thing to do as a business. However, this can also involve piling loads of stuff either at home or at your place of business and even hosting a sale at a place that may not be the most logical. If you are planning to hold a rummage sale in the near future to raise funding for a specific cause at work, it can definitely be worth it to spring for a self storage unit temporarily. In fact, many storage facilities will allow you to hold a rummage sale right on the property. Here's a look at why this could be a good idea for your fundraising endeavors. 

You can store things in the unit until you are ready for the sale to start.

If you have a storage unit rented for the sale itself, you can use that space to store the items you plan to sell until the sale date arrives. Therefore, you will not be left with a bunch of random stuff cluttering up your garage, your business property, or the home's of all of the employees involved in collecting items.

Your business will not be interrupted by the rummage sale because it can be held at the facility.

When you host a second-hand sale at your place of business, it will mean possibly interfering with your usual business activities. Unfortunately, this can be the single thing that prevents you from carrying through with a rummage sale idea. However, if you have a rented storage unit, you will not have to be concerned because you will be at a totally different location. 

There is ample space for shoppers to park at a storage facility.

Parking can be a huge burden when you are hosting a rummage sale. Most business properties have a limited amount of parking space available to cater to only the usual customers. If you do host your rummage sale at the storage facility, you will know that there will be ample room for all of the prospective customers to park when they stop in for a visit.  

Even though holding your fundraising rummage sale at a storage facility may be the offbeat way of doing things, it definitely comes with its advantages. Talk to a storage facility owner to find out if you would be allowed to host a sale inside of a rented unit. For more information, contact a company like SaveMor Self Storage LTD.