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Overwhelmed By SSIS? How SSIS Custom Services Can Help

SSIS, or SQL Server Integration Services, is a Microsoft product that helps you convert, transform, and move data files into new servers. There are dozens of tools within the SSIS package, which often confuses the non-tech business owner. You probably think you need all of the tools or that you have to buy and use all of the tools within this specific programming package. You do not. To sort out your confusion, hire SSIS custom services to help. They can assist you in all of the following ways.

Narrowing Down the Service Package

This is the primary service most often requested by business owners. They want a tech-savvy person to show them exactly which SSIS services they need so that the business owners can customize their packages to fit their needs. The business owners also want to know how to determine which services they will use the most often, and that is where the custom service agent comes in.

Understanding What the Tools Do

Data transformations and moving data is difficult to explain if you have never done it.

An abbreviated explanation is like this:

You have an old letter in another language and you want to know what it says. You hand the letter to a translator, and the translator writes out a second note to let you know what it says. Then you store it away again.

So, in this case, your old and archived data files are the old letter. They are in a computer language that current computer programming has a difficult time translating. So you run them through some of the tools in SSIS, and the files are transformed and "translated" into the new language. Then you store these files again. If you need help with using the tools to accomplish this, the agent you hire can apply the correct tools to your data and then safely store everything after its transformation/translation.

Learning to Use the Tools

Some SSIS custom services agents may help you learn how to use your new tools. This is rather rare, but if you find such a company/agent, consider hiring them. Learning to fish is more useful than watching someone else fishing, so to speak. Then you would have the knowledge and the tools to move your data into a new data storage and processing system all on your own. It also helps keep company information confidential because only you view it during this process.

For more information or assistance, contact companies like Reach for the Clouds, Inc.